Want to start a Latina Mami chapter in your area?

We currently have chapters in Austin, Los Angeles, Dallas, and two more forming in Milwaukee and San Antonio. All chapters are led by lead organizers and focus on connecting Latina mothers to larger advocacy and organizing efforts in a child-and-mami-centered way.

Questions to ask before starting a chapter

  • Do you identify as Latinas?

  • Why? We use “Latina” to encompass women bound by our colonial history, but recognize other forms of self-identification. However, to be considered a Latina Mami chapter, you will need to be a majority of women who identify as Latina. 

  • How much capacity do you have as a group?

Every chapter is its own  entity with its own projects, capacity and structure. To be a chapter the group must agree to the basic requirements and share our analysis, but you are free to organize chapters according to what you need for your area.

Basic requirements of a  Latina Mami chapter

  • Agree with the Latina Mami Philosophy

  • Agree to be mami/child-friendly at all meetings and events unless the information to be shared is sensitive or confidential

  • Focus on working with other Latina mamis and outreach to them in your area, beginning with at least one project (samples listed below) that combine basic needs AND organizing

  • Starting number of 3 mamis to begin the chapter

  • Monthly calls with our organizing collective

  • Submit monthly updates to our blog or newsletter

  • Quarterly conference calls with chapters and affiliates

  • 1 year commitment

Some examples of chapter projects include:

Monthly Platicas:  Most chapters at minimum host one platica a month. Platicas are held at the home of a Latina Mami volunteer. Platicas provide an informal space for mamis to learn more about Latina Mami projects and how to get involved. Discussions are led by and for Latina mothers on rotating topics including parenting, local community issues, business startups, immigration topics, starting a childcare cooperative, physical and sexual abuse, or whatever topic of interest to the group. This promotes peer support for Latina mothers and gives them experience in organizing, leadership,  and activism.

Media Justice Projects: Putting mamis at the front and center! This is done through our blog, bilingual parenting newsletters, and radio shows, podcasts and webinars. We invite all chapters to participate in getting the viewpoint of mamis out to other mamis, to counter the limited view of Latina mothers in our world. Chapters may decide on other projects like plays, music, and dance, depending on their interest. 

Prenatal Education: Birth plan counseling including work with doulas, midwives and doctors including bilingual support.

Mamis Ayudando a Mamis: (Basic Needs and Community Referrals):  Monthly clothing swap for children’s clothes, baby care items, books and learning tools. Swaps meet monthly at local parks and community centers or at the home of a mami.

Advocacy for Mamis of Children with Disabilities: Providing peer support for children with disabilities, including navigating the educational system through children through education, resources, and referrals. Also coordinating free legal clinics for mamis to have their medical and special education paperwork read and understood.

Autism Promotora Program: For mamis of children with autism, we offer a special promotora program only available in Spanish.

Family Cultural Events:  Events for parents and children that feature children’s artistic development with a focus on Latino culture, and also provide community resources for families of young children.

Community Organizing and Advocacy: Helping mamis develop leadership skills, including techniques for advocacy, activism, community organizing, and identifying issues that affect Latino children and families.


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